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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility of our website is a priority. We have made every effort to meet or exceed Section 508 standards and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) so that this website is accessible to and usable by everyone.

A Note about Document Accessibility

Many of the documents that are housed on our website are not available elsewhere. In most cases, we have two versions of each document listed. The first version is the original archival document, which is in the form of a standard PDF. Standard PDFs, however, are not easily accessible to those with visual impairments. The majority of our documents were created in the 1980s; therefore, we did not have electronic files to work with that could be easily converted into accessible PDFs. However, with patient volunteer assistance, we converted 50-some hard copy documents into Word documents and then used Adobe Acrobat Pro to convert those files into accessible PDFs. With documents that had illegible text or oddities, we retyped and recreated those into Word documents from scratch and then, using Adobe Acrobat Pro, we transformed each one into an accessible PDF. Every accessible PDF document passed all Acrobat Pro Accessibility Checklist requirements.

A complete list of Accessible documents on this website can be found on the Key Documents page, where you will find that the first document is an Archival PDF and the second document is an Accessible PDF.

Should you encounter difficulties in using this website, please contact us at info@adachronicles.org. Thank you.