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Rap Video About Burgdorf’s Life & Career

ADA News & Updates / July 15, 2020

I was delightfully surprised and amazed at what two young historians, Eleni Corson and Abigail Crowley, from Boise, Idaho, submitted as a Junior Group Performance entry for National History Day 2020–a rap video about my disability rights career set to the music of Hamilton: “The Obliteration of Discrimination through Legislation: Rapping the Story of Robert Burgdorf and the Americans with Disabilities Act.”

Without any contact or input from me, Eleni and Abigail relied on primary and secondary source materials to capture my major achievements. And amazingly, they got most of it right! They told the story of my career, pairing original lyrics with music from “Hamilton,” and taking turns rapping the story with costume and set changes.

Hats off and Kudos to Eleni and Abigail for their extensive research, outstanding creativity, and excellent storytelling. Their enthusiasm is contagious and they are to be commended for the hard work it took to produce this amazing and enjoyable video performance! I am honored and humbled by their interest and diligence.

NOTE: This video includes closed captioning, which is available by clicking the CC button that appears in the footer bar of the video when you hover your mouse over it. On mobile devices please tap the video to pull up the captioning button in far right bottom corner.