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Here are features in ADAchronicles.org that I particularly recommend.

The first two stories on the STORIES & ESSAYS main menu tab, “There Oughta’ Be A Law: Discriminatory Short-Circuit of Summer Job" and “There Oughta’ Be A Law: The Bob Brunner Story” provide two concrete personal examples of why an ADA-type law was sorely needed.

Tom Gilhool

When disability rights attorney extraordinaire, Tom Gilhool, passed away on August 22, 2020, the Public Interest Law Center aptly and eloquently eulogized him:

Tom helped bring about generational advances in the rights of people with disabilities nationwide, leading the first case establishing the right to public education and championing the movement for services based in the community. He was also a founding figure in civil legal aid...

ADA 30th Anniversary in Tumultuous Times

The thirtieth anniversary of the enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act came at a gut-wrenching, disorienting, transformational moment. In the midst of a worldwide catastrophic COVID-19 pandemic, our society is grappling tooth and nail with deep-rooted, systemic racism; gender discrimination and harassment; homophobia and violence against LGBTQ individuals: inhumane treatment of immigrants and asylum-seekers; surging homelessness; police violence; economic recession...

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This website has been a blessing and a headache. It grew out of my compulsion to write a book on the history of the Disability Rights Movement and the origin and development of the ADA; and out of my failure to complete such a book. It was born out of the inspired idea of my wife, Andi Farbman, that maybe a website was a better way to tell my stories and share my experiences and insights. Going from that idea to this website has been incredibly rewarding and unbelievably complicated, difficult, and exhausting. I could never have made it to the point of launching this website without the astounding assistance and tenacious support of a remarkable band of generous, highly capable people. Click the link below to join me in thanking them.

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